We have a number of central beliefs that guide our thinking on financial planning:

In Life

  • We believe time & choice are our only truly precious resources. Money simply allows us to have more choices about how we spend our time.
  • We believe that you can only know when you have crossed a ‘finish line’, if that finish line has been defined in advance.
  • We believe that our time on this earth is so precious… that it’s rich rewards can best be gained by careful consideration and planning.
  • We believe in striving for elegant simplicity in life and business. This applies especially to the way we organise our money.

With Money

  • That money is simply a means to an end. Money has no meaning or value unless we use it to do meaningful or valuable things in our lives.
  • We believe that once you know your ‘Finish Line’… you need to know ‘Your Number’: the figure at which you ‘have enough’.
  • We believe that wealth can make huge differences to our own and others lives. Used in this way… “wealth” becomes “true wealth”!
  • We want to build a relationship with you, the person, not your money.

Our Services

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About Us

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Our Approach

Our unique financial planning approach has been designed to help dentists make their retirement as exiting, fulfilling and rewarding as possible. So … what are you waiting for? Let’s do this!
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“I have been working with Matthew for the past 5 years now and during that time he has helped me to transform my various savings, investments and pensions into a simple, coherent retirement plan. Matthew’s knowledge of the dental world is invaluable and he has used this knowledge to save me over £140,000 in potential tax charges, not to mention cutting my investment costs in half.”
Adam Copsey, Chelmsford
“As I contemplate retirement Matthew has given me the confidence that I will be comfortable for the rest of my life and that the proceeds from my dental practice will be invested wisely with his guidance.”
David Casey, Dartford
“In just a few short months, Matt has shown me that it is possible for me to seriously consider retirement at least 2 years early – I had been resigned to the ‘usual’ age of 60. At the same time, Matt has significantly simplified and streamlined my pensions and investments, reducing my risk and saving me £1,000’s in costs in the process.”
Jem Atherton, London