That Piece of Bread

‘Would you like some bread sir’ …
A simple enough question, the answer to which, nearly cost me my life. And transformed that life. Forever.

It was our honeymoon, and we’d just arrived at our hotel. We’d been upgraded to the penthouse suite. Naturally. Life was good. Very good.

As we ate dinner at a wonderful steakhouse, the innocent piece of bread that I relished while we chatted… would spell the end to our honeymoon. And plunge me into a three-week fight for survival.

You see I am allergic to nuts, and the piece of bread was contaminated. The ambulance arrived as I collapsed into anaphylactic shock in front of the hotel. Then – from somewhere in that fog of pain – I heard a medic ask me an insane question “Are you sure you want to be treated?”

A thought whimpered, then exploded, in my throat. “What a stupid question! I’m dying, for Heaven’s sake!’”

Of course, the real question was “Can you afford the $1,100 for this ambulance?” Astonishing!

Despite having been treated for the allergic reaction, I was still in excruciating pain. My wife had to beg and plead for hours before the doctors re-examined me. Upon further investigation it became clear that the medication I had been given had triggered deadly pancreatitis.

After demanding a $6,000 deposit, I was admitted to the ward for treatment…and a three week fight for survival, fraught with every medical complication imaginable!

Arriving home, we reflected long and soberly on our experience. And on medical bills of £210,000.

Even if we’d sold our home and the shirt off my back… we would have been bankrupt. Thank goodness for good travel insurance!


So, How Has This Transformed Me?

In that single moment, lying in that hospital bed – still unsure if I would survive – I realised that money might have little relevance in buying happiness. But it could be brutally significant in purchasing survival.

On the other hand… I’ve since considered how easy it is to be consumed with the pursuit of possessions, property, prestige and the illusion of power. Whilst losing all that truly matters in that pursuit.

So, I vowed to change. I had been given another chance at life; and to savour the relationships and experiences that really, really matter. I didn’t need to be told twice!

Returning to work… and with new eyes… I took a good look at the lives of my clients.

Months of research showed that many of my clients – particularly Dentists – were struggling with many of the same things that I had been contending with. The long hours… the colossal stress… the poverty of time. All these were taking their toll, in the pursuit of “success”.

At the same time, I knew that I thoroughly enjoyed working with these clients. More importantly… my expertise, my skills – and now my new insights – were ideally developed to serve them!

And so “New Life Financial Planning” was born.

What Now?

Our mission is to help dentists make the transition into so-called “retirement” as exciting, fulfilling and richly rewarding as possible.

More than just ‘winding down’ in complete exhaustion, we believe that – wisely planned – this can be the transition to a completely new era in life.

And we know that we’ve developed the expertise, the insights, the tools and the experience to help you design, create – and live – just such a life.

If you would like to find out about how we might help you, please contact us.

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“I have been working with Matthew for the past 5 years now and during that time he has helped me to transform my various savings, investments and pensions into a simple, coherent retirement plan. Matthew’s knowledge of the dental world is invaluable and he has used this knowledge to save me over £140,000 in potential tax charges, not to mention cutting my investment costs in half.”
Adam Copsey, Chelmsford
“As I contemplate retirement Matthew has given me the confidence that I will be comfortable for the rest of my life and that the proceeds from my dental practice will be invested wisely with his guidance.”
David Casey, Dartford
“In just a few short months, Matt has shown me that it is possible for me to seriously consider retirement at least 2 years early – I had been resigned to the ‘usual’ age of 60. At the same time, Matt has significantly simplified and streamlined my pensions and investments, reducing my risk and saving me £1,000’s in costs in the process.”
Jem Atherton, London