Welcome to New Life Financial Planning 

One of the biggest problems facing dentists as they approach retirement is trying to juggle the demands of their practice, patients and family life with the need to put a solid plan in place for their future.

Most practitioners are so busy keeping up with the demands of the CQC and the business of dentistry, that they don’t often have the time to plan for their own future.

So often dentists reach retirement age, hand over the keys to their practice and are left thinking “now what?”.

But it doesn’t have to be like this…

New Life Financial Planning exists to help dentists create a clear and simple roadmap to enjoy a truly transformational retirement.

New Life Financial Planning has helped many dentists put their confusion and anxiety around retirement behind them and plan for a richer, more fulfilling future.

If you would like to find out more about working together please contact us or find out more about our client journey.

About You

We love to work with forward thinking dentists who want to lead great practices, create their ideal retirement and leave a legacy for the future. Find out more about the clients’ that we help.
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Our Story

Find out how an innocent piece of bread lead to the creation of New Life Financial Planning … and nearly cost Matthew his life.
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Our Approach

Our unique financial planning approach has been designed to help dentists make their retirement as exiting, fulfilling and rewarding as possible. So … what are you waiting for? Let’s do this!
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“I have been working with Matthew for the past 5 years now and during that time he has helped me to transform my various savings, investments and pensions into a simple, coherent retirement plan. Matthew’s knowledge of the dental world is invaluable and he has used this knowledge to save me over £140,000 in potential tax charges, not to mention cutting my investment costs in half.”
Adam Copsey, Chelmsford
“As I contemplate retirement Matthew has given me the confidence that I will be comfortable for the rest of my life and that the proceeds from my dental practice will be invested wisely with his guidance.”
David Casey, Dartford
“In just a few short months, Matt has shown me that it is possible for me to seriously consider retirement at least 2 years early – I had been resigned to the ‘usual’ age of 60. At the same time, Matt has significantly simplified and streamlined my pensions and investments, reducing my risk and saving me £1,000’s in costs in the process.”
Jem Atherton, London